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The fertile flower

The opening of a flower increases the chance for pollination where the transfer of pollen enables fertilisation and reproduction. Even when the flower opens, there is a need for the pollen to be transferred to a flower on a different plant. Bees play an important role in this while collecting nectar, the pollen collects on their body and then drops off to the next flower as they buzz around collecting nectar.

This process is no less complicated in our attempt to conceive yet it becomes such a mechanical process with the charting, tracking and analysis that goes with trying to pinpoint the exact time when the flower is open. Even when we get this right and some I think have it to the exact time of day, why is it that it just doesn’t work?

When we think about the conditions that are required to grow a flower from seed, there are many things to consider. The soil, time of planting, climate (which we have no control of), quality of the soil, and the list goes on. Just like some plants are hardy and will grow in any condition, there are some who can conceive no matter what and others for whatever reason need everything to be in the best condition possible. The difficult part is knowing what those things are, is it hormones, partner compatibility, stress, diet, or what…………


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“When something is not working, try something different!”

This is my advice to anyone who is struggling with fertility – explore your options.

We learnt the hard way after spending thousands of dollars on IVF treatment and 5 unsuccessful attempts. We had acupuncture treatment and worked with our naturopath to eventually conceive, it wasn’t an easy road nor was it a speedy solution but it worked for us.

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The struggle

This struggle is what many of us experience firsthand, an experience that creates pressures on all fronts – emotionally, physically, financially and the strain on relationships.

You see for those of us who like the “lucky ones” as I would call those who fall pregnant with apparent ease; have the longing and desire to have a baby; it is a tough and often lonely road. A road that brings out a courage and determination (so fierce) that you never thought was humanly possible in a desperate bid to become parents.